Lessons Learned

Team Number: 6174

Team Name: Kaprekar’s Constants

Lead Mentor: Mike Challender

Team Website: www.wintershsrobotics.com

Forms of sponsor recognition: Publicized at community events and parades.  Thank you letters are sent out with Team photos.

Lessons Learned:

  • Organization skills: we had to organize our priorities in order to complete the robot on time. There were several late nights on the build. It felt satisfing when we had the robot working.
  • Throughout the process we learned responsibility skills. An individual is responsible for their own task. Just a single task not completed when expected causes the build to delayed for days.
  • Time Management was hard. Between work, sports, and school work it was difficult to keep it going.
  • Another thing our team has learned is team work pays off. Once we all work together we can accomplish great things. Near the last few days and the weekend before the stop date we all were working on different tasks.
  • We all expanded our knowledge on computer programming and engineering.  Having students from other teams help us get started was the key. We also had advice on how to build our mechcanical parts.
  • From the FIRST robotics competition we learned social skills that help us communicate with both teammates and other team members. Get to know the other teams, find the team that you will be competing with and make a strategy for each game.
  •  We learned  know how to use tools and why we use certain tools for different situations. Our robot was welded together, one of our team members learned to weld. We all learned to use power tools safely.
  • Creativity is necessary for designing a great robot. Brainstorming with a group of friends will create many opportunities and endless possibilities. We came up with our ideas the first day of build season, we built our robot and we were able to compete exactly as we had planned.

Student Quotes:

  • “The Winters High Robotics Team has helped me in many ways and taught me many lesson I can use in the future” -Cecilia Lara ’16
  • “I never realized my desire to engineer until I joined the robotics team”  -Devin Lindsey ’16
  • “Don’t give up when your challenged. Unplug everything and retry”  -Ethan Layne ’16
  • “When all else fails read the manual” -Matt Holmes ’16
  • “All those hours of computer gaming finally paid off” -Austin Clark (driver) ’18
  • “Finally all those collaborative learning activities in class have paid off”-Ally ’18


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